Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting in Maryland


K&M Outfitters features Full Service Guided Deer hunts including Bow Hunting, Muzzle Loader, & Modern Firearms for whitetail deer in Charles County Maryland. Our deer hunts are fair chased and conducted on private property. Some of the largest Whitetail bucks in the country are recorded in the Nanjemoy area.

K&M owns and retains exclusive hunting rights on multiple properties in Charles County. We plant corn, soybeans, clover, sunflowers and sorghum to enhance our deer and waterfowl. Numerous deer stands and blinds are placed in optimal locations to help ensure a successful hunt. Our local scouts/guides will ensure your hunting location has lots of deer activity to provide you the greatest probability for success. All hunters are to remain in their stands at all times. Arrangements with the guide will be made for transportation to and from the assigned stand site.

The guide will do tracking of all taken game. While we cannot guarantee you will kill a trophy buck every time, we provide the best opportunity, accommodations and resources to accomplish just that. To ensure trophy quality for years to come, we offer only a limited number of bookings each year.

Minimum antler restriction is strictly enforced with exceptions for youth and management deer, which is determined by K&M Outfitters.

There are no trophy fees at K&M Outfitters. However we have a minimum shooter buck of 16” inside rack width / 8 points & up. Any bucks taken not meeting these standards will incur a $500.00 fine. This fine is applied to insure that our property has quality deer for you to hunt every year and all moneys paid on fines are put directly back into enhancing the health of our herd.

Our guides rely on tips to make this worthwhile. This ensures that pleasing you is their only priority. Please keep them in mind as you prepare for your trip and if you feel they did a good job, your gratuity will be very much appreciated.

Active Trail Cameras on Our Farms